Survivor Samoa Episode 15: Finale

Survivor Samoa Episode 15: Finale

"Survivor: Samoa" is finally upon us, and Thursday night's premiere taught us one thing right from the bat: Russell Hantz created for this show what The Joker is perfectly for Batman. The guy is completely out of his mind, diabolical, and willing to govern people any way he sees fit. (He also attributes a pretty creepy laugh.) Russell is potential job contestant the many will like to hate, the Coach of "Survivor: Samoa," if positive if you. During this episode we watched him almost everything to weaken his own tribe, including pour out their water and burn their stockings. This strategy, to force the weak people to quit, great in theory but it could damage the people who could help him tomorrow. He dominated most of the airtime in the first episode, though, and it's safe to bet that they will be around to have good while they are.


Shambo vs Jaison - Survivors spun giant clam and Jeff's choice, had been octopus, sea snails, and Noni juice with a garnish of seaweed. Shambo drank it quickly, Jaison drank more slowly, but kept it down.


Lauli'i married Alexander Willis, a carpenter from California, who took her to America where they worked an editor to tell her story, to describe what life was such as samoa.


Destination X is reno payday loans next for the Nashville based wrestling company. On Where to stay in Samoa , July 10, the stars of the X-Division get the chance to shine the new return belonging to the Ultimate X Match and the return of the six sided ring!


Jaison: Considering I have Jaison winning the show, it is definitely great if he sticks around a short time longer! However, he's really one of the more vulnerable people left since he can perform being an actual physical threat. Plus, there's also the possibility folks will get tired of his matter may ease.


Mickie James also the long weekend here in Nashville with multiple concerts, but the songstress finished off her weekend by successfully defending her TNA Knockout's Championship by defeating Angelina Love.


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