Warning Signs of Bed Bug Infestations

Warning Signs of Bed Bug Infestations

rat exterminator to take seriously the threat of beg bugs is obvious by their speed at becoming an infestation problem around the country. The annoying pests were once eliminated in the United States but returned quickly once given the chance. The insects are fast breeders and spread easily. Identification of their presence makes pest control easier and avoids new infestations in other locations.


Look for Bites


One of the first bed bug signs are itchy welts caused by their bites. Bed bug bites look and feel like flea or mosquito bites. The difference is that people generally notice them in the morning after getting out of bed. The bites are often seen in clusters on any area of skin left exposed at night.


Check the Mattress


Look for small rust-colored stains on the sheets or the mattress. This is blood the pests leave behind after feeding. Check the edges of the mattress for black or brown specks. Bedbugs nest in these areas and the bugs, as well as their waste products and shed exoskeletons, are often found in this area.


Notice the Odor


A musty smell is another way to notice bed bugs. The scent is described by many as a musty scent, or when the numbers of the pests are low, as smelling like coriander. The odor is from pheromones the bugs release when they are disturbed. It is an alarm code to others of their kind in the area and is a common defense mechanism for many insects. A musty smell coming from a secondhand piece of furniture or from a hotel room should be taken as a signal that bedbugs may be present.


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Bed bugs do not always take refuge in a mattress. The pests can also live in couches and chairs, on walls and in carpeting. In fact, the pests will take up refuge anywhere near their food source. In pest control methods , they may be found in all of these locations as well as in the mattresses in the home.


Bed bugs are extremely strong pests that can live for up to five months without a meal. Extreme temperatures do not instantly kill the bugs. Females can produce as many as 250 eggs in her four-month lifecycle and it takes only a week or so before the babies begin to feed on blood. Anyone that suspects bed bugs may be in their home needs to get more information about the threat they pose and call Byrd Pest Control for removal assistance.
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