Font Changer Online

Font Changer Online

Those learning about fonts, and especially to those who find themselves pondering to utilize the fancy Google Code fonts, I'm glad you are about to get some essential education.

THE VERY BEST Website Fonts are:

GeorgiaNew Times RomanArialVerdanasan serifAnd if you must use another font, or perhaps a Google Code font utilize it only for headlines and titles only. Usually those things appearing in you h1, h2, etc. tags.

You may think that is ridiculous, that you must use those fonts from 1999, but continue reading and I'll educate you on why.

Back to BasicsWhether or no you own the attention for design, we as people are very visual people and we know what may interest us or what doesn't. Occasionally we have no idea why something doesn't appeal to us, all we know is that we just don't like it, thus the same can be with fonts.

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