Home cooked meals served with Love

Home cooked meals served with Love

food delivery mumbai cooked food served with Enjoy.

Started in 2011, Sahi Kitchen is a Mumbai based speciality kitchen which serves multi-cuisine All-Veg foods in lunchboxes for offices and schools.

Smiling mothers and housewives in the kitchen -- that's our secret recipe. In a city like Mumbai, it is difficult to discover a meal that's wholesome, nutritious and flavourful just like your home-cooked meals. For years, our patrons have loved our food and it's best by described individuals, young and old, as'ghar ka swaad'.

From picking the freshest produce from the farmers market to the cooking procedures and components used -- we preserve a'zero-compromise' policy. From using the right cooking oils to delivering the food in sterile Steel containers, we're extremely particular about the procedure. In the kitchen, our procedure involves cooking in iron, steel and brass utensils and meal

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