Safe Playground Equipment Guidelines

Safe Playground Equipment Guidelines

Playgrounds plus outdoor playground equipment can provide your child enjoyment, new air, plus exercise, although they can in addition pose some safety problems. Defective equipment, improper surfaces, and even careless behavior are only a very few of the dangers that will bring about children on playgrounds to see hospital emergency divisions. To make sure that your children possess the safest play ground environment possible, comply with these regulations.

o In the Combined States, a child can be injured with a playground every single 2 .5 minutes.

to More than 2 hundred, 1000 children each year happen to be treated in emergency divisions for playground-related injuries.

um More than 75% associated with playground injuries occur with some sort of public playground.

u Most playground injuries require comes, and over half of the time the particular child's head and face is hurt.

o A large number of injuries are avoidable togeth
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