Natural Remedy To Remove Parasites - Neem

Natural Remedy To Remove Parasites - Neem

Root beer has been made for centuries. Termed "small beer", the first concoctions were a collection of herbs and spices tossed together and simmered. This powerful medicinal concoction was first carbonated in 1876, and as the food industry grew more mechanized and concerned with shelf life, artificial flavors and preservatives began to replace the potent and benevolent plant forces present in the original drink. How lucky for us that we can still make our own!


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Herbs or medicine traditionally used in Asia to treat the sick has been around for many thousand years. Many royal and noble families had been cured by these methods in the old days. In modern days some still think only pills or western drugs can heal. Ironically, the western doctors are now learning more about herbs in their training or apprenticeship. Now you have new Medical courses incorporating Chinese medicine in some Prestigious Universities. I strongly believe a breakthrough will come to pass in the areas of Nutrition and Diet.


Stinging Nettles - While these shouldn't be touched with bare hands, these plants are known for nourishing the different organs that help supply your body with natural estrogen. Another benefit of stinging nettles is nourishing hair follicles, which may keep hair from thinning as we age.


Cinnamon has a way of spicing up bland foods and making them tastier. Cinnamon is another high-alkaline food that is good for you. Cinnamon has many great health benefits. Cinnamon is even used as a dietary supplement. You can add cinnamon to baked goods, fresh fruit, and much more. It is a very good way to give bland tasting foods a bit of flavor. Cinnamon has been used for thousands of years in Herbal Medicine . It has often been recommended to treat ailments and illnesses. Cinnamon can be purchased in the spice section at most grocery stores. You may also find it at health food stores. Cinnamon sticks can be used to flavor drinks. Cinnamon is considered to be a spice and it is used in culinary purposes all over the world.


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It may be better to take a more natural approach to dealing with your symptoms. There are various herbs rumored to be very effective in treating heartburn. The following are some of the most common.


Urinary tract problems - This can be any number of things, including urethralgia in which you'll experience pain in the urethra or the canal leading from the bladder out.
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