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Maturity of people is not showed by time but by experience. When young, the human desire to "go" and "experience". The more strange the more exciting. The unnamed land, the new faces will be created the new fun, and they bring more experience. As a developing country, Vietnam is a poor but spiritual country, warm and hospitality people here always make visitors impress. Moreover, our country have many beautiful landscapes and one of the most famous tourist cities is Danang.

1. A lot of information about Da Nang tourism

When come to Da Nang, we usually remember a city where is a beautiful seaside. Danang is a dynamic and potential city. The new services in this place are growing, catching up with the new and modern in the world. From the architecture as well as style of serving tourists of Danang is appreciated highly. Most of the tourists are very satisfied and look forward to returning to this place again.

Da Nang not only bring modern features but also have beautiful landscapes. One of the tourist attractions in Da Nang is Hoi An Ancient Town, Than Tai Mountain, Ngu Hanh Son, Ba Na Hills... Although they are familiar to someone, tourists want to visit this places.

Da Nang tourism is great when mix between natural and artificial. The most natural and pristine beauty is always "respected" so you always have the feeling of living between the "four direction are home". Traveling to Da Nang, you will feel a interested and great time. Clean and civilized is important thing you can see in Da Nang. If you want to have a good trip, you can book tours. One of the prestigious tour companies in Da Nang is Quang Da Travel.

2. Lots of tours in Da Nang in Quang Da Travel

Hai Van pass and Lang Co sea

If you travel to Da Nang, you can not miss Hai Van Pass. As the most imposing scene of the world, hai Van Pass attract the tourists with winding roads. All of them are beautiful, adventurous but extremely attractive. Passing Hai Van pass is Lang Co sea. This is place have Gold forest, silver sea. Coming to Lang Co beach, you will be explored the sea and the delicious seafood. Tour within one day and go by car. It is very convenient for you.

Da Nang city- Hoi An

The people said that not to Hoi An, you probably only traveled to half of Danang. It takes you about only 30 minutes to Hoi An. The old-fashioned glass mosaics, the humming bells between the old town will give you the peace space. Come to Hoi An and do not forget to visit the Bridge Pagoda and enjoy Cao Lau, Quang noodle specialty here! Tour within one day and transportation is car.

The Tai god hot springs

It is not far from Da Nang city to the Tai God spring. This area tourist of Da Nang is listed as the top tourist destination to travel in Vietnam. Soaking in the "hot" home that makes your body is comfortable and relaxed. It is a completely natural and refreshing experience. You can choose this tour within 1 day and be guided to book tour.

Da Nang - Son Tra peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula is considered as a jewel of Danang. Only 10 km from Danang city center, but you can completely step into the another world where is new and more interesting. Traveling to Son Tra peninsula, you can visit Linh Ung Pagoda or come to the Mother nature when going to the thick forest, especially you can cover the whole Danang when reaching the top Chessboard,..

Although the road is difficult but you don’t worry  because of having the tour guide of Quang Da Travel!

Tour around Da Nang city

It is a day of experience in Da Nang, instead of traveling anywhere, you can travel around Da Nang city with friends. There are lots of beautiful destination in Da Nang such as Dragon bridges, Love bridges... It will make you feel happy

In addition, Quang Da Travel will design tours for you to save time in our country, take these wonderful moments to the most unique. If you are foreign people to Vietnam, you can choose the form of travel tour at Quang Da travel. Any information you may contact to the company through the website address . The staff of the company will provide you with information about the price of tour, hotel, ... All of problem related to travel, you should see at Quang Da Travel.

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